Volunteer Program

Whether you want to help maintain the horses by helping with ongoing chores,  maintenance/renovations, or you would simply like to periodically come out and enjoy some horsey time, your interest is appreciated and we would love to hear from you.  There's always room here for more hands, and there's a particular need for volunteers who are willing to work with our horses (grooming, handling, even training).  

Our ultimate goal is first to provide a healthy and safe haven for the horses who reside at the Sanctuary, and a major part of fulfilling that goal is to make sure that the horses here can be handled easily.  These horses have not always had an opportunity in the past to build trust and confidence. We want to bring all of them along so that they easily accept farrier and veterinary care, being trailered, and the other interactions between human and horse that helps promotes a healthy and well adjusted animal.

Safety is a primary concern, for both our horses and our volunteers.  Volunteers of all experience levels are welcome.  You can come here to learn and be mentored as well as to instruct and help at all levels.  Anyone wishing to work directly with the horses or provide volunteer mentoring must of course be able to demonstrate that they have the experience and knowledge to safely do so.  

Please note that we do not allow hand-feeding of treats to our horses.  We do not have any washroom facilities onsite except during our two annual Open Houses.

If you are interested in volunteering, we've posted a copy of the volunteer application and waiver form that you can download, fill out, and bring to the Sanctuary on your first visit. If you aren't able to download and print a copy, we also have copies on site at the Sanctuary that you can fill out when you arrive:

Note:  You can also return the application/waiver by email, or by postal mail (see Getting in Touch for details)

Download Volunteer Application and Waiver

We've also created a downloadable sample of the daily chores that volunteers can choose to help out with at the Sanctuary:

Sample Daily Chore List

Thank you for your interest. For further information please contact us by email or through Facebook.