Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is home to ten horses, all but one has a story of past neglect and sadness.  Although their pasts will never be forgotten, they have been given a second chance full of happiness and love.  We prefer to focus on the positive and let go of the past. Each horse has their own personality, character and charm.  They thrive in their daily lives at the sanctuary, surrounded by the people that love and respect them. 

 Please take a moment to read through each one of their stories.  Reflect on their past experiences but do not dwell on them.  To look at each horse as an individual is to truly understand the peace they now know.  They will remain at the sanctuary for their entire lives, free from the life they once knew. 

 Note:  we are a volunteer-run sanctuary that does not receive any grants or ongoing funding.   We welcome support in the form of donations, wish list, and volunteer help.  Everything goes directly towards taking care of the horses.  If you can help in any way, please  contact us directly at (Please select their names to see their stories).

Note: we also have Jack (a rooster who came from the Montreal SPCA after being thrown from a car) who lives with our miracle female duck, Daisy (who survived a horrific attack by a weasel), 5 silkie roosters, , plus many rescue cats, and three dogs (housed away from the farm currently). Bob, a bantam rooster and his two companion partridge hens (Mary and Elizabeth) have moved up to the barn in their coop.

We do have several newcomers that will be added to this page shortly! 

Their Histories