Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary, Inc.

Policies and Procedures

Volunteers, visitors, guests and event attendees to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary must adhere to the following policies and procedures at all times: 

1. No one is permitted to be at the farm without prior permission from the farm's directors or a representative designated by them.  Work hours generally take place in the morning between 8:30 and 11:30, but may vary on occasion.

2. The sanctuary is open to visitors by appointment only. Arrangements to visit the farm can be made by email –

3. Parking signs on the property must be followed.  No one shall park near the barns or any enclosure.

4. Children under the age of 16 years old must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times. 

5. Out of respect for the animals, dogs are not allowed on the property during visits, volunteering, or events. Please leave your dog(s) at home as they may frighten our animals. If you arrive with a dog, you will not be allowed to remain on the property. 

6. No one shall enter the paddocks without prior permission and supervision by a representative of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary. No one shall open any paddock, coop, or enclosure without permission and supervision by a representative of the Sanctuary.. 

7. No horse or other animal shall be removed from any of the paddocks without prior permission and supervision by a representative of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary. 

8. All volunteers will sign a waiver before being allowed to assist with chores, handle horses and other tasks associated with the daily operations of the sanctuary. 

9. A representative of the Sanctuary must be present whenever volunteers, visitors, or guests are at the farm. Unscheduled visits are not permitted. Please arrange visits in advance.

10. Please arrive at your scheduled time if you are volunteering or visiting. If you are unable to make it, please inform a representative of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary as soon as possible. 

11. No treats shall be given to the horses or any other animal without prior permission.  Treat giving creates conflicts within the herd and also interferes with the training methods employed with the horses and can negatively affect the nutritional needs of the animals in general.

12. Please ensure that all tools etc. are put back in the appropriate place when tasks are completed. 

13. Please make sure all gates, latches and doors are closed at the end of your shift. 

14. Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary Inc. will not tolerate any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. We are a drama-free environment! Please be respectful. 

15. Feeding any of the animals by hand is strictly prohibited. It interferes with their dietary needs and can cause illness or digestive problems. It also causes some of our residents to become competitive and aggressive.