Update;  Unfortunately we lost Herriot, who died suddenly as a result of a pre-existing and non-treatable tumour. Our vets recommended an autopsy which showed that she had suffered from a condition that led to her death which had no visible symptoms and would have been untreatable.  In the short time she was with us, she was a beautiful girl, shy but trusting. She taught us a lot about how wonderful a little ewe like her is.  She will be missed but remembered fondly. 

James continues to thrive and as of September we are attempting to bring in some companions for him.  

Earlier news on James and Herriot:  In remembrance of Herriot we will leave this description of their arrival and early time with us. Previous In Spring 2017 two sheep, a male and a female, were rescued by the Montreal SPCA from a field where a third sheep had already died.  They are now part of the Penny Lane family, with their own safe shelter and enclosure where they can enjoy life. We think they may be about 14 years old.  We have named them James and Herriot (after the author of the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series).  At first shy, they now have adjusted nicely and are beginning to learn to trust us.  Their coats are long and shaggy so we have arranged to have a shearer come here to take care of them. They happily await their morning and evening dinners, lying in the doorway of their shelter or nibbling at the newly growing grass outside. James cannot be neutered because of his age, so he needs to be approached with some caution (he has a gentle temperament but still can throw a good head butt if he thinks it is necessary!).  Herriot is very shy and when nervous she will hid behind James. They are a lovely addition to our family! 

James and Herriot have had their matted, shaggy wool coats removed by a very gentle shearing. The individual who sheared them has long experience working with sheep, and based on their teeth and appearance, he rates them as being fairly young!  Both have full sets of teeth which supports the idea that they aren't that old. So that's great news.

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