Every dollar of support means so much!

Providing a safe haven here on the farm is something that we have dedicated ourselves to, no matter what the cost in time, effort, or costs.  Contributions help us to keep these horses and all of the other birds and animals healthy and happy. Contributions help with everything from feed costs to veterinarian costs. It's rare that horses are allowed to live simply as horses, without having to serve any other need. The proof is in the horses here who have become so trusting and accepting of people even after all the neglect, abuse, and rejection that people have subjected them to in the past.  There isn't a happier band of horses anywhere!  And the turkeys, goats, sheep, roosters, hens, cats, and our duck would second that idea! This is the first safe home that many of them have ever known. Two male pigs will soon be safe here too!

The Sanctuary does not receive any public or private grants, it is self-funding. Even small contributions help us keep that bond of trust that these horses now have with everyone around them here on the farm and from those who come to visit.  Every dollar donated, no matter the amount, goes directly and solely to help us care for this band of horses who now know only love and kindness.

Every dollar helps 

Please help us with our Tractor Challenge by donating. If each person who likes or follows us on Facebook were to donate just $10.00 once, we would be able to have a small tractor to help us with the daily workload. It would mean so much, yet would just ask just a little from each of you! Please help!

          $5 = a bag of shavings (bedding).
          $10 = the delivery costs on one round bale.
          $20 = one bag of supplementary feed or beet pulp

          $25 = farrier work on one horse (cost per horse every six weeks).
          $30 = one bag of Equalizer feed (we use 1 per week). 
          $40 = one round bale of hay


.Thank you so much for your interest and support!

By E-Transfers  using our email address: pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com (contact us for further information on how to arrange an E-Transfer)

By Cheque made payable to "Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary"   Please contact by email or through the contact form and we will send you our postal mail address (we no longer pay for a postal box).

By Paypal:  Donations also can be made by credit card  directly through PayPal (click on button below) 

Or better yet, contact us and arrange a time to come out here for a farm visit and meet the animals!  

We  guarantee you won't regret it!  Come see what we are doing here on the farm. We are located within the eastern rural area of Ottawa, Ontario.
Contact Karyn Boswell at PennyLaneSanctuary@gmail.com