Becoming a Sponsor

Donations of any level are welcome.  Every donation helps us to continue to provide the best of care, allowing the animals to live out their lives in a safe and protected environment where they will never  have to face neglect or abuse, or be at risk of being sent to slaughter for meat ever again. 

Sponsors can subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular updates about the farm and its residents. Sponsors will receive an 8 x 10 photograph of a horse or one of the other animals of their choosing, and will be able to arrange a private visit where they can meet the resident that they are sponsoring (though it isn't necessary to pick a particular animal, general sponsorships are also welcome). All sponsors will be given a full tour at a time that is convenient to them.

If interested please email us at: or message us through our Facebook page.  

Note: The form can be returned in person while visiting, by email, or by postal mail  (click on "Contact Us" for details)

Thank you so much for your interest!