Teddy's Story

Teddy, a Belgian gelding, was one of the first residents at Penny Lane.  He was discarded by his previous owner for some unknown reason and found himself in a feedlot, waiting to be shipped to slaughter. Teddy arrived soon after Penny but the love affair soon blossomed.  It was not long before Teddy and Penny bonded.  They are still together today, and like to start their day quietly grazing before retiring to their shelter where they have 24/7 access to a round bale. 

 When Teddy arrived, he had a large tumor in his right eye.  Initially, he was not bothered by it and appeared to be comfortable. Perhaps this is the reason he was sent to auction. We will never know what his past entailed.  By the fall of 2014, it became apparent that Teddy was starting to suffer due to his tumor.  In October 2014, he was taken to Russell Equine Vet Service where they performed surgery to remove his entire right eye. He spent a few days in the hospital and was brought back home. He made a full recovery and has completely adjusted to life with one eye. He has never been insuch great health! Teddy will remain at the sanctuary where he will live out his life in peace (with his Penny).  

Teddy demonstrates a high level of trust with people.  His great size and gentle demeanour (and playful spirit) have won the hearts of all who meet him.

 If you are interested in meeting Teddy, please contact us at pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com.

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