In Memory of Prince

Prince's story differed from most of the other horses in that he wasn't rescued from the feedlot.  He was an Arabian gelding, but his age was difficult to pin down.  Vets had suggested he may have been between 24-28 years old.  Prince suffered from, and was on medication for, Cushings and heaves but sadly his condition deteriorated badly throughout the spring, and his medications no longer gave him any relief.  In the last week of June 2014 he remained almost continually in severe distress, struggling valiantly for every breath.  It was heartbreaking and terrible to watch this wonderful member of our Sanctuary slowly succumb to his illnesses, and the decision was made to free him from the pain and suffering that confronted him, and the further distress that awaited him as time went by.  His loss has hit all of us here at Penny Lane hard.  He was, and will always be remembered as our "Resident Gentleman."

He had a lovely gentle, easily handled temperament which  earned him that "gentleman" label, and he will be remembered for his bright, curious nature.  

He was greatly loved and will always be greatly missed.