Penny's Story

Penny  is truly a beautiful horse and the inspiration for the sanctuary’s name.  It is hard to believe that she was once standing in a feedlot waiting to be shipped to slaughter. Penny was one of the first residents and is Teddy’s dearest companion. She is approximately 14 to 15 years old and possibly a draft horse cross. Her past is completely unknown to us.  Penny has been ridden in the past, but she now spends most of her days enjoying "freedom, friends, and forage".  She has an addiction to belly rubs and scratches and expects everyone who enters into her paddock to understand that need!  She is intelligent and responds quickly to positive handling methods.  

With her long forelock  flowing across her huge eyes and beautiful expressions, Penny is a real heart-breaker and the photogenic subject of anyone with a camera or cell phone.  You only have to ask Teddy if he agrees!  He is her constant companion, always at her side. 

Update, Spring 2017.  Penny had dentistry done by one of our wonderful vets and from markings in her mouth and the state of her teeth her age has been reevaluated from 15 years to 8!  So Penny, rather than being a mature girl, has gained back her rightful youthful self!

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