If you have had a chance to visit the sanctuary, you will have met our “barn” cat Patch.  Patch showed up a few years ago, most likely abandoned.  He was quite feral at first but soon learned to trust people.  Shortly after his arrival, we had him neutered and checked by a veterinarian.  He is estimated to be at least 2 years old.  Patch lives at the farm and loves to follow everyone around.  He also loves the horses – they have quite a unique relationship.  Often, we will catch one of the horses gently grooming Patch while he purrs away.  We are beginning to wonder if Patch actually thinks he's a horse! Patch enjoys dry food but he loves when visitors bring him treats or a special can of cat food!  Update 2017:  Patch has been retired from barn life, and now enjoys living with companion cats inside, while keeping an eye on the barn through a window.  He was not doing well during last winter, so we felt it was best that he not remain a barn cat. He will come outside from time to time to greet old and new friends.