Oliver's Story

Oliver’s story is similar to most – he sat in a feedlot waiting to be shipped to slaughter. He was saved and brought to the sanctuary in the winter of 2013. Oliver is approximately 16 years old and appears to be quarter horse cross, possible with some Welsh Cob mixed in. Likely due to past experiences, Oliver requires lots of time to trust humans.  It's possible that in the past he did not have a lot of interaction with people. Once his trust has been gained, he becomes a “pocket pony” – always looking for gentle pats and attention. 

He also responds quickly to target training and is a quick to learn (and teach us).  He's a lovely little guy who now has become Cowboy's friend and companion.  The two bachelors now live together in a paddock next to the mares, where they spend many hours admiring the lady's across the fence happily.


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