Nikita's Story

Nikita is also a standardbred mare like Chances, although it is unknown whether or not she was a part of the racing industry. 

 She found herself in the feedlot in January of 2013 – dumped like so many others. She was about to be loaded onto the truck heading to the slaughter plant when she sneezed! Since only healthy horses can go to slaughter, she was immediately pulled off the truck. The sneeze saved her life.  Soon after, she was pulled from the feedlot and brought to the sanctuary. 

 Nikita arrived wearing a halter that said “I love my horse”. Perhaps her previous owners had no idea of the risks inherent with sending a horse to auction.  It is not our place to judge those that once loved her. Thankfully, she avoided a fate handed down to most that make their way through auction houses. She is safe. 

Nikita is strong-willed, gentle and eager to learn. In the past it seems that she developed a reputation at a very early age as being difficult to handle.  People would come near her expecting her to live up to her reputation, and insist on using harsher methods. It's no wonder that she would respond in kind!  Treated gently and with use of reward reinforcement methods, she now eagerly loves to do target work. She loves her clicker sessions, and like Cowboy, often learns so quickly that anyone working with her has to be very creative to keep up with her!

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