Molly is a mini mule that was originally at the sanctuary many years ago after being rescued from the local feedlot. A loving family that gave her a wonderful home adopted her. Unfortunately, as in life, circumstances changed for her family and Molly needed a safe place to land. We were thrilled to be able to welcome her home. She arrived at Penny Lane in November 2016 and here she will remain.  Maya has since decided that Molly is her “baby” and stays as close to her as possible, protecting her from the other horses. Molly may be small in size but not in stature (she's convinced she's every bit as big as the other horses!) Currently she lives on a dry paddock in Cowboy and Oliver's enclosure (because her sugar intake must be limited). When the Sanctuary moves to its new home, Molly will have a new companion (stay tuned) who also needs to be in a grass-free setting.

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