Michelle et Belle

In October of 2016, we visited a local farm and came across a flock of turkeys (destined to be someone’s Thanksgiving dinner). Thankfully, the farmer agreed to spare two lives that day. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Michelle and Belle were still calling for their other flock members – a sad sight to see. They soon settled in and made George & Ringo a part of their flock. It is not an unusual sight to catch the four of them snoozing together in the sunshine.  They are ambassadors for their species, most of whom don't  live very long. Intelligent and extremely curious they are a delight to watch as they wander around with George and Ringo, chattering away. George can be a bit of a bully to his brother Ringo at times, and you'll often see Ringo hightail it over to stand with the turkeys. (who seem to be able to calm George down when he gets too frisky.

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