Maya's Story

Maya is a quarterhorse and was one of the last of a group of  20 quarterhorse yearlings to be saved from slaughter. She came from a PMU ranch in Manitoba and was separated from her mother at 4 months of age, then immediately shipped a thousand miles to an auction in Ontario.  At that auction Maya was purchased  along with some other yearlings, but then put in a field where she spent the next 8 months, before again being sent to auction.  She was purchased by a kill buyer at the second auction to be slaughtered for meat but was rescued and came to the Sanctuary near her first birthday. She turned 4 years old in May 2015 here at the Sanctuary and is an absolute sweetheart. She spends her days in the company of Nikita, Chances, Lady and Eva. She is often one of the first horses at the gate to greet new visitors.

Maya demonstrates an incredible memory and an ability to quickly grasp things.  While other 'training' methods tended to cause her to resist, reward based approaches have really caught her attention.  She is personable, playful, and wants to be part of anything that's going on.  She's the first to try to get the other mares to play.  She is such a lovable spirit and people are drawn to her naturally, and no wonder!  She is a beautiful little mare and an important member of her little herd.

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Above image is courtesy of Photography by Jennifer Lynne