Lady's Story

Lady’s story is a heartbreaking one.    She arrived at the feedlot with a foal who was taken from her there and sold on to an individual who did not want Lady too.  She was left behind destined to be sent to slaughter but saved from that fate in time. During her time at the feedlot she had been kept together with many mares, geldings and stallions,  and became pregnant there again.

At the time of her arrival at the Sanctuary, she was estimated to be in her early twenties.  She was thin, neglected and suffering from heaves (a respiratory illness in horses).  It was a long summer of waiting for her to foal.  Finally, on August 22, 2013, Lady gave birth to a healthy foal – Blue.  

Lady requires daily medication to help with her heaves.  She is currently on a low maintenance dose and is very comfortable and happy.  We monitor her closely to ensure she continues to have a high quality of life. 

The sense we get from Lady is that she had never experienced any kindness in the past.  Her spirit remained confined to resisting anything demanded of her by people.  Here, she is learning that humans aren't always a threat or the source of unpleasant events.  She is showing us that trust is a two-way affair and that she has begun to take a chance on people again.  She is a beautiful girl who loves a good morning back rub, if one is on offer! If you are interested in spending time with Lady or donating towards her care, please contact us at

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