Eva's Story

As with many of the other horses at the sanctuary, Eva was also saved from the slaughter pipeline.  She is approximately 16 years old and was in terrible shape when she first arrived.  She was thin and frail – her tail had been cut short.  It was obvious humanity had failed her.  She had been thrown away like trash.  People used to say that even was 'well-trained' and had 'good ground manners' but we began to realize was that she was simply a horse who's spirit had withered away. She appeared to have reached a state of 'learned helplessness', accepting anything asked of her by people simply because she had learned that it was pointless (or worse) to do anything else. 

Eva has found much of her spirit again, demonstrating the resilient nature of horses. While she  is one of the most affectionate and loving horses at the farm, she also has learned to express determined opinions, which is so good to see.  She loves to be part of what someone is doing, but now willingly and interested in participating.  She loves to be cuddled and will fall asleep in your arms.  She has a gentle soul that thrives on human interaction.  Positive reward based interactions seems to have been the key to reawakening trust in her.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an animal regain a sense of self.

Eva was on temporary foster where she was a companion to an aged gelding.  In May, her companion passed away and Eva came home to the sanctuary.  She was slowly re-introduced to her previous herd (Chances, Nikita, Maya and Lady) but the bonding was instant.  If there was any doubt that horses do not remember each other, all one has to do is look at the relationship Eva has with her herd mates.  It is one of trust, respect and love.  

Like Lady, Eva also suffers from heaves.  She is currently on a low maintenance dose of medication which keeps her comfortable.  

If you are interested in meeting Eva,  please contact us at pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com.

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