Daisy and Jack

Daisy suffered a terrible injury to her neck after an attack by a weasel. Lynwood Animal Hospital's Dr. Harrison spent two hours in surgery with her and did an amazing job saving her life. Images of her injury are too graphic to put up, but it's almost unbelievable that she survived at all. She is now back in full health, recuperating inside. Dr. Harrison calls her a "warrior duck," and that's the exactly right!

Recuperating in a cage next to her is a rooster whom we've named Jack. Jack is another miracle bird. He was hit by someone so hard that it caused severe injuries, plus he was then thrown from a moving car. Montreal SPCA had surgery done, and amazingly Jack came through it and was sent by the SPCA to us.

They have access to the same openspace near their cages, and they have bonded into the best of friends. They eat and quack and crow together. If one can't see the other, all manner of racket follows!  It's the cutest thing to see. These most unlikely survivors and even more unlikely friends have found each other. Once they are fully recuperated we will let them share a space of their own. I know they are going to be a very popular couple at the farm!

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