Cowboy's Story

Cowboy’s story is one of past torment and neglect.  His story can be found here.  In brief, he arrived at the sanctuary on November 16, 2013 from Windsor, Ontario after suffering torture, severe abuse and starvation at the hands of sadistic individuals, who were convicted of one of the worse cases of animal abuse in Ontario in 25 years and fined $50,000 (but not banned from owning animals!). After a long road of rehabilitation and recovery, he was trailered all the way from Windsor to the Penny Lane thanks to a number of kind people – his new life about to begin.

He is thought to be approximately 10 years old now, although it is not known for sure.  He shares a paddock with his companion, Oliver.  Cowboy loves attention and human interaction despite his past experiences.  He is extremely smart and waits every day for a chance to play.  Reward based reinforcement work (clicker/target work) is something he loves being part of.

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