Blue's Story

Blue was born at the sanctuary on August 22, 2013.  He truly is a miracle foal as is his mom, Lady,  who narrowly avoided being sent to slaughter. He arrived in this world healthy, curious and full of personality. Not long after his birth, Blue was adopted by one of the sanctuary’s volunteers, Chantal, so that he could become part of her young family. He has now moved with Chantal and her family, where he will live, a well loved member of her family.  Because Blue does not have a history of abuse and neglect, he does not need to remain as a resident of the sanctuary any longer.

He will always be in our hearts and memories. We will never forget the morning that we found this wonderful little white foal standing in a stall with Lady!  We are proud to have helped him grow into the wonderful horse that he had become, and we know that he's in safe hands with Chantal and her family.