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"Free to Just Be"

Our Vision:

Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is a registered Not-For-Profit Corporation. We provide sanctuary to horses and other animals  who have suffered from neglect or abuse or loss of trust, or who are at risk of being sent to slaughter. Our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a safe haven for life. Through community involvement and education, we aim to promote compassion and kindness to all animals.  We  employ only positive reward-based methods when interacting with the animals.  Our philosophy is that they should be "free to just be." Each day we learn more as we explore the relationship between humans and non-humans in an environment that emphasizes mutual respect and appreciation. 

About Us

We welcome visitors during our Open Houses or on our special sanctuary tour days (next one is Aug. 5).

. Donations, sponsors, and volunteers help us keep the horses here at the Sanctuary healthy and happy. For more information please contact us through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pennylanefarmsanctuary/ or by email at Pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com .  



The Sanctuary is normally open to visitors only during our scheduled open house and tour day events (and occasionally by special arrangement). Please contact us for more information.

Open House!  Saturday, December 9th, 12 to 4 pm.

"Holiday Celebration with the Animals of Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary!"


Please note that pets are strictly forbidden. 

Many of the Sanctuary's animal residents react fearfully to the presence of strange dogs. Out of respect to them, please leave your dogs at home when visiting, volunteering, or attending one of our Open Houses. Thank you.



Jade, able now to sleep quietly in a pasture, far from her former life as a caleche horse pulling carriages through city streets, hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

What's New at the Sanctuary?

Oct 17, 2017

Jade's shelter is coming along fast!  Look for a weekend arrival!  It's amazing that we can offer her a life that takes her out of the only one she has known previously....crowded city streets, with noise and pollution and every vehicle from cars to large trucks a continuous presence.  Here she will be able to enjoy a peaceful life beyond anything she has ever known before.  There will be a period of adjustment, there always is. People don't realize that horses are very sensitive to change of any sort. Hopefully, for Jade this one last change will open her up to being able to rediscover her natural self.  As always, we could use financial support of any amount. Please really look hard at our Patreon option. You can sign up for just a couple of dollars per month and then forget about it!  You'd be surprised at how important that is to helping us ensure that we can provide Jade and others with a permanent, safe home.  How many times have you heard the phrase "forever home" used for animals who continue to be bounced around from "forever home" to "forever home" until their options run out. Here when we say "forever" we mean for the rest of their lives!  Surely that's worth a two buck donation per month. Every buck goes to the animals. Even without donations we will never quit, but we can do so much more with your help.  Couple coffees a month, that's all it takes!  But forget all that, the important thing is that Jade will soon be with us, and that's going to be a very special day. From being worked to the point where she literally fell down in the streets, to being able to just wander, graze, eat hay, and feel safe!

Oct 16, 2017

Jade will be arriving here soon!  We are all looking forward to her arrival, and working hard to make sure that everything is prepared for her here. She is currently living with friends of the sanctuary who very kindly took her in so that we could get everything set up. Our wonderful volunteer builders are putting up a shelter for her.

Our work day saw fencing set up for Jade (the Quebec City caleche horse).  A great group of supporters including some new faces turned out to help. Thank you all!  You made a difference!

Also we are very pleased to say that our Tractor Fund campaign has come to a successful end, with the arrival expected shortly of a previously owned tractor! Thank you for making that possible!  We will be able to accomplish so much more with access to our own tractor.

Mercy, the turkey who arrived here in very poor condition is in recovery after a visit to Lynwood Animal Hospital. She remains weak but though her progress is slow, we have every hope that she will gain back her strength.

Oct 12, 2017.

We have two new residents. Mercy, who came to us from one of our supporters, who found her confined to a low cage on a farm, so low that she had open scabs on her head and neck and legs so weak that she finds it hard to stand.  This person's act of compassion is the kind of thing that gives us hope and reminds that people care deeply when they witness another creature's suffering. We took Mercy to the vet to have some of her bruises and wounds dealt with. Blood tests show that she is strong and viable, even though at the moment she has legs so weak from being confined in a space where she could not even stand up at all!  We are hopeful that we can help her pull through, and at least let her know some peacefulness and kindness.

Our second arrival is Jade, a former caleche horse from Quebec City who pulled heavy carriages for tourists up and down the narrow streets and hills of the old city, hour after hour (until she could no longer do it). Currently she is with friends of the farm, enjoying the quietness of a green pasture while we prepare her home here at the sanctuary (see photo above).

Patreon update! 

We are pleased to have 10 "patrons"!  The whole idea behind Patreon is that if a large number of our supporters and friends were to become a patron and sign up for a $2 monthly pledge, the total would give us so much help, and yet demand so little from each of you!  Our hay bill is over $1000.00 a month, and lately our grain feed and bedding bill is reaching $800 a month.  Vet bills average $300 per visit per animal, and some months can add up to hundreds of dollars. We cover most of the costs of keeping these animals safe ourselves, and we will never give up on them. But for the price of a a coffee and a half per month you could do so much to help us keep meeting the financial commitment it takes to provide care and keep these animals safe and healthy!  On the Patreon site we are putting up fun videos, educational material, and updates that all patrons will be able to enjoy.  That's a great feel good return on two bucks!  It's easy to sign up for! Please consider helping build a sustainable base and help us keep these animals supplied with the very best of care and feed.

Oct 1, 2017.

Updates:  Our traditional Thanksgiving Turkey has been rescued and has joined Michelle and Belle (our 2 rescued turkeys from last year).  She will be enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving dinner (instead of becoming someone's dinner!).  Check out the "Name the Turkey" feature on our Facebook page.

Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is now on Patreon.  

We couldn't do what we do with our growing community of supporters, including donors, volunteers, and sponsors. With Patreon even a $2 a month continuing donation gives you a chance to become part of the Penny Lane family. Our goal is to meet our growing monthly feed costs by way of a large community of people each joining together to give a small monthly contribution. Take a minute and check it out: http://www.patreon.com/pennylanesanctuary 

Your donation will also entitle you to exclusive access to updates, videos, and other features that will be regularly updated and only available through Patreon!




We also have new arrivals!

 Come meet handsome Jimmy the Roo (who was found wandering city streets by the Montreal SPCA, and who now has found a safe haven in our brand new coop!  And joining him (alongside our five beautiful Silkie rescues) are seven hens who were rescued a year ago from a factory farm (where we hear they at first were in terrible shape, typical of the effects of living in crowded intolerable egg production factory settings). They had been rehabilitated by a wonderful couple in Laval, Quebec, who asked if we could give them a permanent home. They came with Ozzie, a wonderful rooster who is bonded to Ginger, his companion hen. Pictures and their stories will be added to our Residents page shortly.  We currently have 61 residents in the care of the Sanctuary.

Online Sponsorship Form now available!

Sponsoring one of our animals now couldn't be easier!  In the form below simply tell us which resident you would like to sponsor.  Tell us whether you would like to be a monthly (reoccurring) sponsor, or a one time sponsor. Add the amount you would like your sponsorship to be (sponsorships start at $10.00 per month and can be increased by $10 increments to whatever you would feel comfortable contributing towards the upkeep and care of the resident that you have chosen.  If you would like to be a farm sponsor (instead of sponsoring a particular resident), that would be great too!  Sponsorship amounts of $25 or more will receive an 8x10 picture of the resident being sponsored (or if you've chosen a general farm sponsorship, a picture of a resident of your choosing).  All sponsors can also arrange a private visit to the farm at a convenient time.  All  sponsorships can be cancelled at any time.   Thank you! 

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