Welcome to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary

"Free to Just Be"

Our Vision:

Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is a registered Not-For-Profit Corporation. We provide sanctuary to horses and other animals  who have suffered from neglect or abuse or loss of trust, or who are at risk of being sent to slaughter. Our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a safe haven for life. Through community involvement and education, we aim to promote compassion and kindness to all animals.  We  employ only positive reward-based methods when interacting with the animals.  Our philosophy is that they should be "free to just be." Each day we learn more as we explore the relationship between humans and non-humans in an environment that emphasizes mutual respect and appreciation. 

About Us

We welcome visitors, and ask only that you arrange a time in advance so that we can introduce you to the farm and its residents. Donations, sponsors, and volunteers help us keep the horses here at the Sanctuary healthy and happy. For more information please contact us through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pennylanefarmsanctuary/ or by email at Pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com .  

Note: we are vegan.


April 2017

Great news! Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is moving in May through June to a permanent new home just east of Ottawa. We also have two new events planned (click on "Events" for details!). And once we are on our new property, two more residents will be added (Wilbur and `Pokey, two  male pigs who currently are in need of being relocated to us). The recent arrivals, two sheep (a male and a female) sent to us from the Montreal SPCA now have names (James and Herriot, from the series "All Creatures Great and Small"). They have new temporary quarters and have settled in nicely.

Our new location is set in the middle of a beautiful area of forest that we will protect under a management plan. There are lovely trails to explore, and enjoy,  as well as an area of original first growth forest with tall pines that are hundreds of years old. A picturesque creek winds through the woods and a wide variety of birds and wildlife, some of whom could not survive outside of this forested area, call it home. We will be pleased to be the stewards of this lovely forest, ensuring that it remains as it is now (in tune with our philosophy of "Free Just to Be.").