Welcome to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary

"Free to Just Be"

Our Vision:

Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is a registered Not-For-Profit Corporation. We provide sanctuary to horses and other animals  who have suffered from neglect or abuse or loss of trust, or who are at risk of being sent to slaughter. Our primary goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a safe haven for life. Through community involvement and education, we aim to promote compassion and kindness to all animals.  We  employ only positive reward-based methods when interacting with the animals.  Our philosophy is that they should be "free to just be." Each day we learn more as we explore the relationship between humans and non-humans in an environment that emphasizes mutual respect and appreciation. 

Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is a vegan facility

About Us

We welcome visitors during our Open Houses or on our special sanctuary tour days (next one is Aug. 5).

. Donations, sponsors, and volunteers help us keep the horses here at the Sanctuary healthy and happy. For more information please contact us through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pennylanefarmsanctuary/ or by email at Pennylanesanctuary@gmail.com .  


Our Address: 1795 Du Lac Road,St.Pascal-Baylon, Ontario, K0A 3N0

Note: We are located north of St Pascal on Du Lac Road.  As you go north out of St Pascal, you will see a forested area. Our driveway comes off of to the east. If you are coming to our Open House, there will also be a sign at the end of our lane. We are about 30 minutes east of Ottawa, not far from Rockland, and very close to Clarence Creek. 

The Sanctuary is normally open to visitors only during our scheduled open house and tour day events (and occasionally by special arrangement). Please contact us for more information.

Please note that pets are strictly forbidden. 

Many of the Sanctuary's animal residents react fearfully to the presence of strange dogs. Out of respect to them, please leave your dogs at home when visiting, volunteering, or attending one of our Open Houses. Thank you.



We move 100,000 pounds of hay into the paddocks and enclosures, and we remove another 100,000 pounds a year again in the horse manure and waste that we remove from the paddocks and enclosures.. Amazingly, we and our wonderful volunteers do all of this by hand, but as the number of four legged and feathered residents grows and expands, we need a small tractor to be able to keep up. Please consider giving $10.00 to help us. We will do the hard physical work but a small tractor would help us do so much more! You can send your $10 through paypal, by email, or even a cheque. We have over a 1000 Facebook likes and 1000 followers. Just think if each person who enjoys and loves what we do were to send just that $10.00.  We could buy a good secondhand tractor! It would help us so much. We are dedicated to the care of these animals (and more) and we never complain about the work we do to care for them, but we need to add a small tractor. Thank you for all your support, it means a lot even if you can't afford to help with this challenge.


We have so many requests from people who want to visit the Sanctuary between our Open Houses that we have decided to add a Sanctuary Tour Day on August 5th. There will be opportunities to meet the animals while enjoying a bake sale and a vegan BBQ.  Come have a picnic and walk our nature trails!  Let us know if you'd like to join us on that date! 


Meet William the baby pot-bellied pig!


New addition:  Some wonderfully kind individuals scooped up a baby pot-bellied pig who was running loose along a rural highway. After an extensive search for his owners, the conclusion drawn was that he may have been simply dumped on the roadside. They brought him to us and we are lucky enough to have room for him in with Molly, George, Ringo, Michelle, and Belle!  We will be updating his story shortly with more pictures.

July 2017. Open House update:  Our Open House fundraiser exceeded all of our expectations!  Hundreds of people came and enjoyed the vegan bbq, music, and meeting the animals!

June 2017.  Most of our animals have now been relocated to the new property. We are working to prepare for our Open House on July 8th. The month of June has been a busy one while we move and set up at the Du Lac Road property, and we've also had some sad events occur, but with the help of our wonderful volunteers and supporters, we are almost ready. Hope to see you on July 8th as we open our doors to everyone!

May 2017 We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers for our May work day!  A lot moved, fences put up, a huge fun structure built for our goats, a pig enclosure prepared, hay storage hut moved and set up, 80 square bales moved by hand up into the loft in the barn! And much more. Everyone enjoyed good company, lots of laughs, and hard work, followed by a vegan BBQ which everyone enjoyed.

Penny and Teddy have been relocated to the new property and have settled into their paddock nicely. Over the next few weeks, the rest of the animals and feathered residents here will be following them.

Wilbur and Pokey our two new male pigs have been trailered to the new property, and are adjusting nicely to their new home. Wilbur is 2 years old and has been well handled. Pokey is seven months old and full of energy!  Their page and pictures will soon be put up under  'Residents'.

Yesterday we had our vet out at the old location to do some minor surgery on Herriot, our ewe. James, her companion, stayed right beside her and checked her over carefully afterwards. So amazing to see a demonstration of the strong bond that they share!  All went well and Herriot has been relieved of some huge accesses that were discovered after she was sheared. Her fleece was so thick and matted that it's obvious no one had bothered to help her with them in the past.  Otherwise she and James are in good health and well recovered from their past neglect. It's wonderful to see how fast they have adapted to their new home, with so much loving attention from everyone who comes here to volunteer or to visit.

April 2017

Great news! Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is moving in May through June to a permanent new home just east of Ottawa. We also have two new events planned (click on "Events" for details!). And once we are on our new property, two more residents will be added (Wilbur and `Pokey, two  male pigs who currently are in need of being relocated to us). The recent arrivals, two sheep (a male and a female) sent to us from the Montreal SPCA now have names (James and Herriot, from the series "All Creatures Great and Small"). They have new temporary quarters and have settled in nicely.

Our new location is set in the middle of a beautiful area of forest that we will protect under a management plan. There are lovely trails to explore, and enjoy,  as well as an area of original first growth forest with tall pines that are hundreds of years old. A picturesque creek winds through the woods and a wide variety of birds and wildlife, some of whom could not survive outside of this forested area, call it home. We will be pleased to be the stewards of this lovely forest, ensuring that it remains as it is now (in tune with our philosophy of "Free Just to Be.").